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  • UMA LULIK__ is a contemporary art gallery focused on South America, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and their respective diasporas. Its mission is to champion the work of the artists from these regions of the globe and also aims to demystify the contemporary art that is being produced in other emerging geographies, consolidating concepts and bringing new artistic practices together. Using paper, textiles, glass or photographic images, "Joël Andrianomearisoa´s pieces are elaborate serial spatial constructions with white and black gradients, evoking Piero Manzoni’s achromas and the work of Robert Ryman. In relation to the latter, the comparison is almost inevitable as both artists develop a serial work that depends on a proficiency of execution in which their production of meaning is contained. Joël Adrianomearisoa’s fake monochromes (fake because they have several tones) are often three-dimensional and do not permit an analytical approach — their proximity to traditional practices, the way they imply timeless, collective, and often ritual procedures (such as how to wrap the body), convokes an anthropology or, at least, the creation of an anthropological procedure dedicated to the complexity of the urban. These traditional and plastic experiences of the body, which include the use of the Lamba (a traditional garment used in Madagascar as a polymorphic cover for the body) and the dressing of the body for the burial ceremonies, are part of the many convocations we can find in Adrianomerisoa’s body of work.”


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