Susana Cámara Leret

Susana Cámara Leret

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    Nació en España

    Reside en Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Holanda

  • Susana Cámara Leret is an artist and researcher interested in the airborne, with a focus on molecules, memory and the metaphors of disease. Together with Mike Thompson she is co-founder of Thought Collider, an art, design and research practice exploring metabolic processes, bodies and spaces. They conduct experiments and processual artworks spanning various media, generating experiential insights from the anecdotal or absurd: lived experiences that confront the norm by encountering the thing-like nature of organisms, objects and places. Their work materialises in the form of participatory workshops, talks and exhibitions. Susana is currently doing a fellowship within the Arts & Therapeutic Design Programme at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience (Edinburgh, UK). She holds an MA in Conceptual Design in Context (IM) from the Design Academy Eindhoven, as well as a BA in Fine Arts from the University Complutense of Madrid.


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