Rebecca Pauline Jampol

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  • Rebecca Pauline Jampol is a curator and designer dedicated to cultivating impactful social dialogue and change through her interdisciplinary creative praxis. Her predominant interest is in fostering discourse through a variety of projects ranging from gallery work and publishing to public art programs. After graduating from Rutgers University-Newark in 2008, she took a leading role in furthering the development of the city’s burgeoning arts scene. She moved forward to become the driving force in a myriad of cultural and educational initiatives including: Jajo Art Gallery; Glocally Newark; The 239 Collective (2010); Rutgers Future Scholars “I am” Program (2010); Solo(s) Project House (2010); The NeWWalls Newark Public Art Conference (2014); The Gateway Project Public Art Initiative (2014); Portals, Newark (2016); and most recently, The Newark Downtown District’s Entryway Program, “Gateways to Newark” (2016). In 2013, Jampol began a long-term partnership in Newark, NJ, with Jasmine Wahi of Project For Empty Space to create a series of pop-up exhibitions under the moniker ‘Gateway Project Spaces.’ In 2015, Wahi and Jampol revamped their space into a mixed-use space that housed both Project For Empty Space and a plethora of commercial artist studios. This ‘third space’ endeavor has since become a community for multi-disciplinary artists and a space for social discourse, activism, and change. She is also currently a lecturer and professor of design at Rutgers University - Newark.

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