Nika López

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en 1994 en Valencia, España

    Reside en España

  • I like to work with simple and minimal natural elements - found between the wild and civilization. This can include my own body, the space, the audience, as well as site-specific materials and contexts. And so, for example, I worked with earth, a stone, seeds or thorns. I am interested in what is in environment because I perceive them as an extension of my body, since these connects me with a part of the reality of the respective place. By setting an element often consider insignificant at the center of attention and related with my body, generates a new energy where everyday view shifts, and the unimagined emerges. By way of example, undressing becomes a trance dance. New dimensions are opened and new images are created that can enrich us.

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