Mauro Cerqueira

Mauro Cerqueira

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en 1982 en Guimarães, Braga, Portugal

    Reside en Porto, Portugal

  • Born in Portugal, 1982 Lives and works in Guimarães, Portugal Mauro Cerqueira’s method of working is multidisciplinary, encompassing not only photography, video and drawing but also performance, painting and sculpture. One of his preferred formats is printed publication, which enables him to elaborate on content in a narrative way. Cerqueira’s projects in recent years have been inspired by the environment in which he lived and worked in the old city district of Porto where his studio was situated in a building that has been razed meanwhile for redevelopment. In the alleyways of the district he found an inexhaustible repertoire of everyday scenes, people and objects; the residents and architecture of this traditional urban district on the threshold of change were made into the protagonists of his artistic works. Cerqueira’s continuing observations of everyday life and change in the area around the old local street “Rua dos Caldeireiros”; in addition to video and photographic works, it forms an integral component of the overall work. Cerqueira’s video pieces are quiet, sensitive portraits of a milieu threatened by suppression and marginalization. Cerqueira’s approach is shaped by authenticity and a deep bond with his subjects and questions a political and economic system that shuts out specific, traditional ways of life, attempting to banish them from the modern city. Art and life are always indivisible in Cerqueira’s art, and it is this precise characteristic that constitutes his works’ power of expression and compelling urgency.


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  • Dripping Wax

    Heinrich Ehrhardt / Madrid, España

  • Streaming Down

    Institute for New Connotative Action (INCA) / Seattle, Washington, Estados Unidos

  • Tudo Jóia

    Múrias Centeno - Porto / Porto, Portugal

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