Mariadela Araujo

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en 1981 en Caracas, Distrito Federal, Venezuela

    Reside en Barcelona, España

  • I'm Mariadela Araujo a Venezuelan artist, weaver and fashion designer based in Barcelona. My love for textiles originated at a young age in my home city of Caracas and had since been my professional career for more than a decade. I am formally trained as a fashion designer in Rome and as a weaver in Barcelona. My work is often interdisciplinary, focusing on several disciplines: weaving, installation art and interior design all of which inform my tapestry work and teaching philosophy today. Currently, I own and run Paella Studio an experimental textile atelier and laboratory. My work have been featured in numerous publications, exhibitions and fashion runways across the world including Italy, Finland, Spain, Belgium,Germany and Venezuela.,