Maria Bourbou

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en Athens, Attiki, Grecia

    Reside en Lisboa, Portugal

  • Maria Bourbou was born in Athens and studied photography at the private photography school «Dimitrios Hliveros» in Athens. She attended several courses at the Hellenic American Union hold by Nikos Oikonomopoulos (Magnum agency) and by Jerry Schatzberg (photographer/ film director) as well as at the “Atelier de Lisboa” by Jem Southam (Plymouth University). She also studied german language at the Kiel University (Germany). During the last years, Maria Bourbou is living and working in different countries in Europe. She created her own studio at the "22Atelier", an independent space of artistic production and creation located in Arroios, in the center of Lisbon.


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