Ivo Martins

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en 1952 en Portugal

    Reside en Guimarães, Braga, Portugal

  • Ivo Martins (b. 1952) is known as the artistic director of Guimaraes Jazz Festival (since 1996) and for his work as a contemporary art consultant and private collector (since 1984). Ivo Martins' collection pieces, they are in deposit in the Museum of Serralves, with some of the most relevant artists of the national artistic production of the last three decades, reference artists such as Joaquim Bravo, Álvaro Lapa or Rui Chafes. The collection of Ivo Martins is one of the most singular and consistent views of the artistic panorama of a generation of authors and its presentation in Guimarães is a design long outlined. Works of Joaquim Bravo, Álvaro Lapa, Xana, António Palolo, Pedro Casqueiro, Rui Chafes, Pedro Sousa Vieira, Paulo Mendes, Fernando Brito, Fernando José Pereira, Susana Mendes Silva, António de Sousa, Miguel Soares, Armanda Duarte, Fernando J. Ribeiro, Armando Ferraz, Miguel Leal, Cláudia Ulisses, Nuno Ramalho, Carla Filipe, Cristina Mateus, João Queiroz, Susanne S. D. Themlitz, Pedro Cabral Santo, Isabel Carvalho, Gonçalo Ruivo, Jaime Lebre, António Olaio He’s the author of ‘Baile dos Bombeiros’, a radio programme on air since 1988 in Radio Universitaria do Minho. He writes about music, art and literature, having published two books: ‘Em Transito, em Morte’ (2012) and ‘O Jazz Depois do Jazz’ (2017).

Artistas en la colección de arte de Ivo Martins

  • António de Sousa

    Nació en 1966 en Matosinhos, Porto, Portugal, Reside en Oporto, Porto, Portugal

  • António Olaio

    Nació en 1963 en Lubango, Huila, Angola, Reside en Coimbra, Portugal

  • Armanda Duarte

    Nació en 1961 en Praia do Ribatejo, Santarem, Portugal, Reside en Lisboa, Portugal