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Fred Adam

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en 1968 en Morlaix, Bretagne, Francia

    Reside en Catral, Alicante, España

  • My name is Fred Adam, i am a New Media artist, researcher and Freelance Art Director expert in spatial narratives in the outdoors. I am especially interested in the exploration of the world with Smartphones in time and space, from the very small to the very large and from the past to the future. I have a special interest in investigating how mobile technology can help us to understand better and preserve the Earth by involving people into transformative outdoors experiences. I am collaborating and inspired by artists, scientists, programmers and teachers from the past and the present like David Thoreau, Robert Filliou, Rich Blundell, Stephan Harding, Rebecca Solnit, Brian Swimme, Sylvie Marchand and Keiko Tanaka (beyond others). They are making each day my life more and more interesting.

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