Cole Sternberg

Cole Sternberg

  • Datos biográficos

    Nació en 1979 en Richmond, Virginia, Estados Unidos

    Reside en Los Angeles, California, Estados Unidos

  • Cole Sternberg was born in 1979 in Richmond, Virginia. He lives and works in Los Angeles and practices in a range of formats including painting, installation, video, and writing. Series of his work have focused on a variety of social issues, from current human rights activism and its relationship to the law, to the environment, to the media and concepts of content overload. The works tend to be subtle or subversive in nature, driven by elegant visual concepts and poetry versus overt political statements. He is interested in the intersection between humanity and humankind and how their lack of congruity hinders social progression and development. Sternberg has exhibited nationally and internationally, including exhibitions at the American University Museum (Washington, DC), El Segundo Museum of Art (El Segundo, CA), Hochhaus Hansa (a Ruhr.2010 Museum, Dortmund, Germany), Primary (Miami), David B. Smith Gallery (Denver), Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND, Los Angeles), Paris Photo (Los Angeles), Zona Maco (Mexico City), ArtBo (Bogota), e105 Gallery (Berlin), LA>

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