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Anna Dimitrova

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    Nació en Sofia, Grad Sofiya, Bulgaria

    Reside en Barcelona, España

  • Born in Sofia (Bulgaria), she spent her school years in Morocco and studied in Madrid and Barcelona. Today, as a perpetual traveler, she lives between Paris and the rest of the world. Rich of her multiculturalism, ANNA DIMITROVA is an entrepreneur in the arts and specialises in urban art, a sector in which she has been immersed for fifteen years. In 2007, she created her first company of artistic and cultural projects in Barcelona, called NOBULO. She organised more than 50 exhibitions and 40 events, spread all over four continents in the recent years. In 2010, ANNA DIMITROVA took over the direction of the Montana Gallery in Barcelona, the first Spanish gallery specialised in street art and graffiti, where she introduced new artists and internationally renowned talents. In 2015, ANNA DIMITROVA launched her new project: ADDA Gallery, a contemporary art gallery. Every year, she organises several exhibitions in major international capitals. In 2017, ANNA DIMITROVA opens with VALERIANE MONDOT their own space in Paris, expanding her skills and all her activities further.

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