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Transitions of Energy

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    Kajaani Art Museum
  • “Energy” is a word of common usage. We use it and hear it often; however, few people can actually provide an exact definition. The term energy comes from the Greek word enérgeia, which means “active, working”; dictionaries and encyclopedias define it as the “the capacity of a body or system to do work”, focusing on what it does, rather than what it is. The Italian edition of Wikipedia reads: “Energy is a physical quantity that measures the capacity of a body or physical system to perform work, regardless of whether such work is or can actually be performed”. This definition is correct yet not fully explanatory, because energy is not a tangible material but, on the contrary, an abstract mathematical concept. Although there is no such substance as pure energy, modern society relies almost totally on energy: mechanic, electric, chemical, and thermal forms of energy are largely exploited in all industrial organizations and production processes. Still, there are other forms of energy that dictionaries and encyclopedias fail to mention: in fact, spiritual, passionate, and social energy have been the “driving forces” for mankind since time immemorial. The energy of passionate or personal desire, for example, can become an irresistible thrust pushing us to the edge of our limits. These forms of energy have inspired much art-making: the works of the five artists showcased in this exhibition, for instance, span different forms of energy, which engage in an interplay with the stream of life. (Lorella Scacco)

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    Sun – Tue, Thu, 10 – 17, Wed 12 – 20, Fri-Sat closed
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    Kajaani Art Museum / Kajaani, Oulu, Finlandia
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    15 jun de 2016  /  18:00
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    Press Release /Kajaani Art Museum 2016

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