Rita GT. Return to Earth

Return to Earth

  • Entidades Organizadoras

    Galeria Belo-Galsterer
  • #returntoearth Return to Earth evokes a return to earth in every way: to return to the land where I grew up and I graduated, a constant return to the earth that makes me feel good and happy, that inspires me, but also a return to the earth more conceptual or spiritual, Where the awareness of the use of Clay and elements of the earth becomes essential at this stage of my artistic study; A return to the center of the earth, the core, the essential. Also essential in my artistic practice is the evocation and thinking of collective work, where a group of people creates something in a confluence of energies and intentions. This project, like the previous ones, summarizes in a certain way an ongoing journey, the various places by which I transit, as well as, the marks that continue to build me as a woman, mother and creative. I do not care to talk about the places themselves, but about the journey and space between places and memories. #returntoearth #soloshow #ritaGT #pipicolonial #galeriabelogalsterer

  • Dónde

    Galeria Belo-Galsterer / Lisboa, Portugal
  • Inauguración

    21 sep de 2017  /  19:00

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