• Purple is an installation on six screens on the Anthropocene, the period that is defined by significant human influence on the Earth’s geology and ecosystems. Following his earlier three-screen installation (Vertigo Sea) created for the 2015 Venice Biennial, Purple is the second iteration of John Akomfrah’s work on the global implications of climate change. Designed as six interrelated movements or chapters, Purple will be choreographed as six meditations on what the philosopher Jane Bennett called "the adventures of vibrant matter." In a poetic tone, he follows the path of Bennett’s injunction for us to think about the complex ways organic and inorganic objects relate to each other in our fragile ecology of the Anthropocene. Combining original footage with archive images from locations worldwide, merging themes from antiquity with modern themes, Purple will be what the German composer Paul Hindemith called a “tone poem”: an elegy to lost time(s) and an ode to an uncertain future.

  • Dónde

    Museu Coleção Berardo - Modern and Contemporary Art Collection / Lisboa, Portugal
  • Inauguración

    08 nov de 2018

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