Rui Toscano – Cortesía de Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

I Am the Cosmos

  • Entidades Organizadoras

    Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art
  • Cosmic Imagination The works that integrate I Am the Cosmos follow a series of works Rui Toscano started 10 years ago and that had a moment of more visibility with the exhibition Civilization Type I, II and III at the Chiado's Museum of Contemporary Art and International Art Centre José de Guimarães, in 2016. With these works, the artist continues an investigation motivated by the perception of space and time, and correlated articulations with the experience of imagination, taking as starting point issues related to space exploration, frequently in dialogue with images of figures and architectures of ancient civilizations. The artist summons ways and visions that man have been building in relation to the cosmos, simultaneously exploring formal, metaphysical and symbolic relations among references from an afar and hidden past and a preview of the future symbolized by space exploration. (...)." Sérgio Mah

  • Dónde

    Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art / Lisboa, Portugal
  • Inauguración

    12 abr de 2018  /  22:00

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