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    Camera Infinita
  • 2005 Mélanie Desriaux observes Man and the vernacular; otherness. Especially, the wild as a conquest of the real. Her work bears reference to that particular history which links photography and exploration. She suggests that, in an age where everything has been charted, every frontier has been crossed, the only discovery left is inside the image itself. Going towards unknown, crossing borders, to find a visible limit and increase a point a view, are her goals. Then, she begins stories, she documents within an elliptical shape. Her approach is contemplative. She looks intensively to find into the world an image – images – of what she feels into herself. Taking the road it’s looking for the wild, it’s changing landmarks and customs, it’s re-evaluating perceptions, it’s facing one’s fear to reveal the outlines of what limits us. So, the expedition raises metaphysical stakes, political and environmental reflections, and the journey takes on an unexpected thickness. On Ré island, there is the detention center where are incarcereted the longest sentences of France. In Saint-Martin, one cell is equal to 6m². However, some of them express strongly realities of life – dreamed or lived – and the prison reality. Inside this floating zone, each object, each image, tries to drown walls. Photography is trying to put off boundaries of the document. So, to take the road on this territory of exile is to measure the meaning of penitence. The photographic work becomes the place of an interrogation on manufacturing process; a passage from the document to fiction. On one side as on the other – on the wire – each gesture defines a link to reality and the way in wich Man inhabits the real.

  • Dónde

    Camera Infinita / Almada, Setubal, Portugal
  • Inauguración

    01 jul de 2017

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